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Whether it’s a bustling shopping centre or a busy thoroughfare, nothing grabs attention like bright, colourful, dynamic digital content.

iPrintCo. can design and install a variety of mediums and applications to suit your specific needs. As well as being bright and dynamic, digital mediums give you the freedom to update your messaging frequently and efficiently. They also allow you to show multiple promotions in one space by alternating the slides. They can be installed in a variety of sizes and dimensions, and can even be administered remotely from a central location. From initial design through to final installation, iPrintCo can offer you a complete digital media solution.

Introducing VisitorTech

VisitorTech’s Digital Signage System can display a range of content on any screen. It enables video and images to be sent to remote screens from a central point with drag and drop simplicity.

Content Management Software

Playlists are created so that content can be scheduled for days, weeks or even months in advance. The interface is intuitive with the ability to simply drag and drop content into playlists. Content can be previewed by hovering over it, so you can instantly check what is being added.

Almost any type of content can be managed: video, slideshows, static images or feeds from other websites. Audio tracks can also overlayed if required. JPG, PNG, BMP, AVI, MP4 WAV and MP3 formats are all compatible. There are no limits to the number of screens which can be run by the software. Delivering the same content to multiple screens is simple through the ability to group screens together. A user management module gives the ability to control different screens depending on their role within an organisation. The system is accessible from any web browser and works on any device, meaning screen content can be controlled from your phone, if you need to make changes on the fly.

Media Players

Industrial grade media players with industry standard components are utilised ensuring reliability, robustness and compatibility with any screen. They comply with all safety and environmental standards. 

Players are preloaded with the digital signage software and are connected to the screens where content is to be displayed. One player can feed up to 2 screens.

The content management system sends the appropriate content to each player which then stores and plays this locally. This removes the risk of internet outages and minimises bandwidth requirements compared with other streaming – based solutions. Periodic content checks are automatically made and any changes are downloaded as required.

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